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Repair & Replacement

We repair and replace shingles, metal, and flat roof systems

Roof Coating

Formulated exclusively for application to roofs for the primary purpose of preventing penetration of the substrate by water or reflecting heat and ultraviolet radiation.


If you look directly at the eaves of a building, you should notice a trim between the roof and the soffit. This piece is called a fascia board, and it sits parallel to a house’s siding, so it faces outward and away from your home.


The purpose of a roof inspection is threefold -- to assess which roof repair is needed, if any; to estimate the roof's remaining lifespan; and to issue a certificate of inspection (which may be valid for 2-5 years, depending on your location). This certificate can be a selling point if your home is currently on the market.

Flashing & Curbs

Metal trim and flashing is used in a roofing system or on a metal building to prevent the passage of water into a structure. It's used for metal roofing material and siding applications. 


These diminutive structures sit atop a roof ridge and bring light and air into a dark attic space. 

We offer complete replacements, repair work, fascia and soffit work, attic ventilation, siding, chimney repair and flashing.

Our Expertise

Type of Work

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Architectural Shingles

  • Metal, Vinyl, Flat Roof Systems


  • Quality Control

  • Safety Management

  • Project Management


  • 5 Year Labor Warranty

  • Complete Site Clean-Up

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